#3 it's a party in the US

This is a really disappointingly average sartorial showing, I know, but I have had a busy-busy state of mind these past two weeks and, thus, what I have worn has suffered. That's not to say that what I actually wear is sub-par in any way because I am much too fussy to let that happen, it's just been extremely devout of creativity. The formula I've followed goes like this; long sleeved white or grey tee, one or two plaid or patterned long sleeved shirts, and then a jacket, and then a scarf, and then jeans (or shorts and sunglasses if the temperatures dares itself to venture above 10 degrees) and that's been it.

So I think this'll be my outfit when I go out tonight. It actually looks better than it does in these pictures, and it's outrageous that, given how tame it is, this is as outrageous as I've been willing to go. Showing a bit of arm, lord have mercy! The old me would have been appalled; I wore some (actually a lot of, and mostly from Jay Jays) marginal outfits, but I was never scared to experiment and I guess living in Dunedin, where 95% of people dress exactly the same has put a stop to that.

Anyway, I will describe this combo. It's a tee-shirt, probably brought for the anniversary of 9/11 or something, and left here by some large American tourist on a cruise and so I cut the sleeves off (a little too close the the sides and it's a tricky to not have at least one nipple showing) and it's funny to think of that imaginary original shirt-owner knowing that his purchase was now being worn by a little gay boy. The shirt is Dad's and it's very heavy and velvety and wonderful, and the glasses are from Jay Jays (getting two mentions in one post, good for them!).

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