#1 explaining what I want this site to be

This is the fourth time I’ve tried to do this and I’ve have figured out exactly why my last attempts have been such dismal failures; not in the sense that no-one like or followed them, but in the sense that I wasn’t really blogging about things I was interested in, or knew anything about. To anyone who was mildly interested or knowledgeable about those things, what I was vomiting-out would have come across as a beyond contrived and cringe-y thing to have to read. I can’t even look at old posts I made without zooming back to myself in year thirteen thinking, “yes, if I use swear words a lot and toss around the word chic people will take me seriously and think I’m cool”. Uh, no.

This time around obviously, things will be different (as much as I have said this in the past, and probably meant it, I mean it now with so much conviction that if it doesn’t work out I will be really disappointed); not a try-hard attempt, nor one that’s not-trying hard enough. It’s going to be my thoughts uncensored, about cool things that I like, and I’m not going to pretend that I have a particularly fresh spin on thing (at least at this stage), but I think I’m a decent (if I can stop using brackets with every sentence) writer and I have definite ideas of what’s I believe is cool and what isn’t.

So, here goes. 

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